Frequently asked questions answered quickly!

What machining operations can be performed?

The offered machining operations include: sawing, turning, milling, assembling, cleaning and special packing.

What is the average lead time?

The average lead time is currently three to four weeks after order placement; urgent delivery is available upon request.

Which tolerances are handled as standard?

If no tolerances are specified, we strive for products whose shape and assembly tolerances are ISO 2768mK.

What after-treatments can be performed?

In general, we offer our parts without surface treatment. Of course, special services are possible by arrangement.

What materials do you operate on?

We work with almost all metal alloys (including structural steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloys, nickel alloys, copper alloys) and engineering plastics (including PE, PEEK, PMMA, POM, PP and PTFE). Common materials and dimensions we have in stock.

Can the products be supplied with material certificates?

Our material purchasing is fully traceable. If needed, material certificates can be supplied; this must be specified when requesting a quotation.

Do you have a cleanroom?


What do you need to be able to manufacture parts?

In order to manufacture products, we need a working drawing on which geometry, material, shape and position tolerances, roughness and possible hardness are specified. Besides that, we need a 3D model. If this cannot be provided, we can create it according to a sample and/or specifications.

Do you also deliver to private persons?

Yes, but this depends on the type of work. Call or email us for more information.